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About Us

Our Journey

For more than 25 years, KF has been in existence in a personal way for the Kunduru’s providing support to various humanitarian, education, healthcare and faith based charitable activities in the USA and India. It is the determination and commitment from the Kunduru’s to formally launch Kunduru Foundation in 2018 and formulated a structure to support and sustenance their passion towards community give back.


As an Ohio based non-profit charitable organization Kunduru Foundation (KF) focuses on three primary areas, when served and supported, a person turns to a human - Healthcare, Education and Faith.


KF is fully supported and operated by volunteers from various part of the world with a passion to serve others. We are a group of friends and family members who have joined together to bring meaningful change to the people and communities we support.

The Kunduru Family pledged 51% of their wealth, to support the Kunduru Foundation. 

About us: About Us
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