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Key People

Committed to the Cause


Sheela Kunduru

Chairwoman & Trustee

Sheela Kunduru, Chairwoman, Co-Founder and Trustee provides  overall strategic objectives of KF.


Sheela actively support other charitable organizations locally and globally that align with KF’s vision. Sheela is the national board chairwoman for A Kid Again foundation and also serves as a board member for Maryheaven. 


Sheela is the President and CEO of Sritech Global -  a boutique management and IT consulting services company in Columbus Ohio.


Ravi Kunduru

Founder and Trustee

Ravi is the founder of Kunduru Foundation who grew with philanthropy as a way of life from his childhood. KF is the beginning of his life time dream to create a $2 Billion corpus fund by 2030 and investing his rest of the life as a full-time philanthropist. KF is a result of Ravi’s  journey of Innovation, Impact & Sustainability.


Ravi is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Ventech Solutions. He is also the Founder and CEO of QurHealth with a mission to save 100 million lives by 2030 super proactively using QurHealth proprietary care delivery technology.   


Herb Jones

Board Advisor

Herb Jones, Chief Strategic Advisor -  Mr. Jones is life time resident of Central Ohio and advices  in the foundation’s strategic initiatives.


Mr. Jones served as the CEO of Ventech Solutions till 2017 and as the Chairman of the Board of Ventech Solutions till 2021.


Randy Fogle

Board Advisor

Randy Fogle, Chief Financial Investment Advisor  is a resident of Dayton Ohio. 


Mr. Fogle currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Ventech Solutions. He  provides financial planning advice to the Foundation.


Rasesh Kunduru

CEO, Kunduru Foundation

Rasesh is the CEO of Kunduru foundation and is responsible for overall charitable activities and strategic planning.  


A student at The Ohio State University studying computer science engineering with a dream to bring disruptive innovations to the world.


His dream is “Equal Education for all” and is actively working to become a self made philanthropist like his parents.

Rohan 02-23_edited.jpg

Rohan Kunduru

Secretary and Youth Innovation Leader

Rohan is the Secretary and Youth Innovation Leader. He is the social outreach ambassador of KF and was actively involved in leading VYIT recruitment and management of youth innovators.  He is continuing this role of promoting entrepreneurship and leadership within youth innovators in his own communities in California.

Rohan, the youngest Kunduru of the family, is an Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student at the University of California, Irvine. He is the most passionate member of the foundation to lead the legacy of Kunduru Foundation’s Healthcare activities.

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